“The greatest medicine of all is to teach people how not to need it.”
— Hippocrates



developing awareness

"Jenny is energetic, precise, and encouraging. She enables her clients to explore and experience movement in an approachable and supportive environment, while still providing enough challenge to spark curiosity. As a client, I met Jenny at a time when I was awaiting back surgery and unable to participate in activities that I had cherished. Her patience and compassion, combined with her deep knowledge, helped me re-experience movement and find joy in a new practice. Jenny was instrumental in helping me find my new love - Pilates - as well as helping me heal.

Jenny has also been my Pilates mentor. As my back healed and my practice grew stronger, I embarked on a journey to become a Pilates teacher. Jenny worked with me (as well as many others in the studio) on my cueing, allowed me to observe her classes, and eventually invited me to co-teach. I pride myself in the fact that I'm a Jenny trainee and have adopted many aspects of her style and approach to create a safe, supportive, and engaging movement experience for my clients."

individual needs

"Jenny has been conducting private weekly yoga lessons in our home for about five years, which started as Pilates mat classes to augment my in-studio workouts and my husband’s road cycling. Over time, the lessons changed as we progressed or regressed due to our erratic international travel schedule. Jenny always has an instinct about what we need, and she is able to adapt the lessons to fit our physical, mental, and emotional conditions. Jenny is super focused on the moves, the class, and our form, and her instructions are clear and easy to follow. She knows just the right cues to say at just the right time for us to focus on what is needed. 

Jenny walks the talk – she is in excellent physical condition and lives a healthy lifestyle. She has a positive and uplifting attitude. She is engaged in continual self-improvement by participating in various yoga classes and seminars.

We are not letting Jenny go! We plan to continue to with her yoga instruction via Skype from her new location in Massachusetts."

movement therapy

"At 70 years old, I was struck by a car and suffered a broken pelvis. I had to endure a full six weeks of non-weight bearing. The lovely therapists at the rehabilitation facility were amazed at my strength, probably due to the yoga and Pilates I did before the accident.  When I was released to go home I felt a little overwhelmed, as I live alone.

To my good fortune I was already acquainted with Jennifer Gadbois. She came to the house and worked up a routine to help me regain strength, balance and - most of all - my confidence! We did gentle Pilates and yoga movements and she took some walks with me using the walker. She gradually increased the difficulty level by adding hand and ankle weights.  Eventually I was walking further, and without the walker. Jennifer was amazing. She was so sensitive to the emotional aspect of recovery, always encouraging and fun. She created a long-term exercise routine for me to use on my own.

A year after the operation my surgeon called me the poster child for a broken pelvis recovery! Many thanks to Jennifer."

return to life

"Jenny has literally helped me to fix my body and get my life back! Through her gentle guidance with traditional pilates, I've learned to breathe correctly and to use muscles I thought were gone forever. I was hurt very badly in a car accident years ago and sustained substantial injuries; from internal damage, to snapped ligaments and broken bones. Over the years, I had grown very stiff, constantly sore, achey, and and it hurt to do many simple things such as: bending over, sitting on the floor, standing too long, or to reach up high. After working with Jenny, I am not only getting limber and strong again -- I am actually starting to "get my body back". My strength, flexibility, and shape are beginning to feel like it did when I was much younger. Even my arms! I am beyond grateful to have the opportunity to work with Jenny. Many people can teach Pilates, but Jenny understands and teaches Pilates from a deeper, true core level of healing. I've learned I can actually still workout; planks, pikes, push-ups, sit-ups, and more are now possible despite having major injuries and limitations. For me, Jenny has been the right guiding light. A true healer on many levels."


" once you cut out the junk, the empty, processed carbs, you just feel so much better, the reward is almost immediate. i think there are a few things to consider, but it was sort of one of those "just do it" kind of things.  do you remember when i called and said, oh, my legs hurt, my body hurts...when i first started running more. and you told me that it will go away? well, you were right. i kept running and i was no longer super sore, ever. in fact, after that 15k, i had no soreness because i ate well, i stretch and hydrated. i really try to pay attention to how much better i feel. you have never lied to me,  everything you tell me works out, so i just call you when i am concerned, and you always have an answer. i trust you.  

i do remember when i first started.  my lunches started out a little more conventional-- corn tortillas with piles of spinach and arugala and cheese (yes, cheese), but i changed those proportions (lots of veggies, very little cheese)... i would have salad a lot, but not every day for lunch. when i ate something like spinach quesadillas for lunch, i had a salad for dinner...  now i am so creative with my salads, i will bake kale and carrots and brussel sprouts or squash-- i mix different kinds of lettuce and always have a variety of seeds and beans.. i still buy brown rice cakes for that "chip" feel-- i have one or two at lunch broken into pieces a few days a week.  i think the thing is-- it WORKS quite quickly in the first month, and then the weight loss felt so good and i became addicted to that part of it.   end of the day I weight 140-- beginning of the day 138-139.  everyday. clockwork. i am very happy where i am. i think it's a nice place.   i went from a "muffin top" size 10 pants to a no muffin top 6 or a svelty, sexy feel in a 4.   i was recently given a pair of "27" pants and wore them to work with my shirt tucked in this past wednesday. cool.  gotta go meet a girl friend at the steps for 40 min of cross training."


"I first met Jenny as my Pilates instructor.  I have taken classes from many instructors and Jenny has incredible knowledge & understanding about the human body.  Her passion and depth of knowledge make her classes awesome.  I have also attended nutritional cooking classes taught by Jenny.  Based on her knowledge as a nutritionist, I hired Jenny to help cure issues with my diet.   I have been organic for years with a healthy diet, but Jenny’s advice has solved a serious issue with elevated potassium in my blood.  Jenny’s advice included a plant-based diet, yin yoga, insightful reading material and podcasts.  Jenny’s approach includes a whole body experience, both physical and emotional well being.  Jenny is an exceptional health coach and I highly recommend her."

nutrition & healing

"Meeting Jenny through her exceptional Pilates Reformer classes and Nutritional Seminars has been a true gift. The timing was fortuitous as over the past two years both my husband and brother were diagnosed with life-threatening forms of cancer. Jenny continues to provide our family with sage physical and nutritional advice, for which we are extremely grateful."

"With Jenny's expertise and guidance, we developed a liquid nutrition diet for my husband during the toughest part of his battle with cancer. Jenny understood the challenges and gave us a plan that was easy to implement!

We are grateful to have her as part of our 'team'! "