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Yin Yoga Workshop

  • Healing Rhythms Studio Lenox Commons, 55 Pittsfield Road Lenox, MA, 01240 United States (map)

Heating and cooling, expanding and contracting, arising and ceasing are all aspects of the ebb and flow of life. Our Yang yoga practices like vinyasa and ashtanga heat the body and are dependent on contractions to propel them; Yang elevates the heart rate and forces blood through the tissues. On the other side of the spectrum, Yin yoga is a cooling practice that accesses the deepest tissues of the body - tendons, ligaments and bones. Stimulating these areas allows the subtle life-force energy of chi or prana to flow freely throughout the body system. Although similar to restorative yoga in its use of props and long held postures, Yin is specific in its focus. Relying on the meridian map from Traditional Chinese Medicine we choose postures that affect specific tissues in order to stimulate associated organ systems. During the practice, one may discover stagnation in the form of resistance to opening, which can cause certain postures to be quite uncomfortable. Rather than exit a pose, we breathe deeply and rest in the discomfort in order to free the area and restore vitality.

As the full moon of August - "the moon when all things ripen" according to the Dakota Sioux - will have just occurred, we will target the meridians that influence the heart/lungs/large intestine/small intestine.

Cost is $20 or 2 BKC coupons

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